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ACL for webOS HP TouchPad

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OpenMobile ACL is the missing piece of the puzzle everyone has been waiting for - hundreds of thousands of apps for your webOS HP TouchPad! 

For the first time ever, you will be able to download and use Android applications on your webOS HP TouchPad.

The product is available now to be downloaded and installed on your TouchPad!!

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ACL for webOS gives you the ability to run Android apps on your webOS TouchPad tablet

Easy, one-time installation instantly boost the breadth and depth of apps available on the webOS TouchPad

Access thousands of ACL-enabled apps in the OpenMobile AppMall - the official source for supported Android apps

Download, install, and run Android apps without leaving webOS


Expand the capabilities of the HP TouchPad by giving it the power to run Android apps in webOS

Download and use supported Android apps on your webOS TouchPad! OpenMobile ACL for webOS software brings access to thousands of Android apps on webOS TouchPads. This one-time downloadable software instantly boosts the number of apps available on this webOS tablet by enabling supported Android apps to run alongside native webOS apps.

Automatically packaged and installed with ACL for webOS, the OpenMobile AppMall is your single destination app storefront where you can access thousands of supported Android apps. Browse 26 categories of apps and search for your favorites then download directly to your TouchPad! All apps in the AppMall catalog have been rigorously tested and verified to work on ACL-enabled TouchPads to ensure the utmost user experience.

With ACL on your TouchPad, you will finally have access to your favorite applications, ranging from Angry Birds to Netflix and many more. You can watch your favorite TV shows and play the games you have been missing out on on your TouchPad - take full advantage of your TouchPad with ACL for webOS!

ACL for webOS runs Android apps without disrupting the native webOS user experience and interface - you stay completely immersed in webOS. No dual booting, no switching between operating systems. ACL-enabled Android application management is done within the webOS system.

This is the only software in the market that enables Android apps on your webOS TouchPad. ACL for webOS software is an easy addition to anyone’s webOS TouchPad to revive it and to use many new ACL-enabled apps!

text - An amazing operating system needs more apps!

The HP Touchpad was released to the market in 2011, and was simultaneously praised and criticized by both technology journalists and consumers. Over the following months many of the shortcomings were addressed, with the exception of one very significant issue – the selection of apps. Although the HP App Catalog contains thousands of apps available for purchase and free to download, a number of high profile apps are missing, and the premature cancellation by HP of webOS hardware production pretty much ensured that those apps would never be made available for webOS.

What about Dual-booting? As a workaround, many Touchpad owners have resorted to installing Android on their devices, dual booting into Android when they wanted to access unavailable apps, then returning to webOS for its unique user interface, powerful multitasking features, and its impressive Synergy email client, which even now remains superior to those from iOS and Android.

PIC would like to announce the impending arrival of a better solution. We introduce to you OpenMobile Application Compatibility Layer, ACL, a groundbreaking technology from OpenMobile World Wide that allows Android apps to be purchased, downloaded and run on non-Android devices.

System Requirements

Supported Operating System: webOS v3.0.5 (unmodified)

Note: Modified webOS TouchPads such as: Cyanogen (Android), LunaCE, webOS Community Edition, other independent patches, etc., that have not been quality tested by OpenMobile may produce unexpected results and result in loss of data, so use it at your risk. ACL was built and quality tested on clean, unmodified TouchPads.
  • UberKernel is not supported.

Supported Devices: HP Touchpad Wi-Fi, 3G & 4G with minimum of 16 GB of memory.

Media: Software download

Application Source: The OpenMobile AppMall™ is the only official source of apps that have been curated and validated as properly working on ACL for webOS TouchPad.

Release Format: IPK

AppMall™ Release:

Android Version: Gingerbread

Internet Connection Required: for installation, activation, updates, downloads

Installation Guide: Click here for the installation guide

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